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Know the Anatomy of Human Pelvis and Pelvic Related Diseases

The pelvis is a part of the body located in the lower abdomen and between the two hip bones. Did you know that pelvic anatomy in men and women is different? Check out the following review. Human pelvis functions to support digestive and reproductive organs. In addition, the pelvis is also a connector between the upper and lower body. Although both have a pelvis, the anatomy of the female and male pelvis is slightly different. Human Pelvic Anatomy In general, human pelvic bones consist of hip bones, sacrum, and coccyx. Hip bones, consisting of three bones that fuse with age, namely: -Ilum. The largest part of the pelvis is broad and fan-like. You can feel the curve of this bone when you put your hands on your hips. -Pubis. Located in front of the hip bones close to the genital organs. -Ischium. It's also called sitting bones because most of your weight is focused on this bone when you sit. The sacrum is a triangle-like bone or curve formed by 5 fus
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Causes of Drastic Weight Loss and How to Overcome It

Weight loss can occur through effort, such as diet or exercise. But if you lose weight drastically without any particular effort to lose it, there is a possibility of an illness. This condition needs to watch out for and find out the cause. The limit of weight loss that needs to be watched is if it reaches 4.5 to 5 kg, or more than 5 percent of initial weight, in a period of 6-12 months. For example, if your initial weight is 70 kg, you need to be vigilant if you lose up to 4 kg, even though you are not on a diet or are trying to lose weight. Causes of Weight Loss Drastic Drastic weight loss is a sign of malnutrition, a condition when the body lacks the nutrients it needs to function and improve. Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, can be one of the causes. Stress or severe depression can also make you lose weight. Apart from some of the causes above, weight loss can also indicate a drastic following conditions: 1. Hormone disorders Hormone disorders can cause exc

Be careful, Burning Waste Can Harm Health

You or your neighbor still often burns trash? Although not many people know, actually this action has been prohibited by law. Besides being dangerous for the environment, burning trash can endanger your health. Health problems that can occur, ranging from respiratory disorders to chronic diseases. Even though at first glance it looks practical and immediately disappear, but burning trash can endanger health in the long run. Smoke from burning trash contains hazardous chemicals that can cause air pollution. To avoid the danger of burning trash, it is important for us to know how to properly manage waste. Danger of Burning Trash For some people, burning is the best way to get rid of rubbish. Even though burnt waste can release harmful substances into the air that can interfere with health. The type of material released into the air naturally depends on the type of waste burned, temperature and oxygen content. C'mon, look at what kind of garbage you burn can endanger you: Inha